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Move Out Information

Your Thirty (30) Day Notice Must Always Be In Writing!!

Move-Out Guidelines

We work hard to keep our rental properties in good condition and appreciate your help.  We also want to return your security deposit to you in full.  To do that, we will need your cooperation in completing the following cleaning checklist.  If all items are completed as indicated to our satisfaction, your security deposit will be refunded to you within 21 days. If cleaning is not satisfactory, or there are unrepaired damages, we will need to hire someone to clean or repair the property; their services will be deducted from your security deposit.

Important Things You Need To Know About The Move-Out Process:

1.  You must give a minimum 30 Day Notice written notice that you will be vacating the property.

2.  If you are under a term lease, you must fulfil the complete term of the lease.

3.  Your Security Deposit will not be applied to your last month's rent.

4.  You have a right to Request A Pre-Move Out Inspection within 14 days of your move out date with a property manager to determine potential repair or cleaning issues.  Please call our office at (562) 920-2440 to schedule a convenient time.

5.  All carpets must be professionaly cleaned by a truck mounted cleaning company.  Cleaning is to be done at your expense. We can arrange the cleaning for you and can provide an estimated cost.  You may arrange for your own professional cleaning company to clean the carpeting.  You will need to submit a bona fide receipt and work must be completed satisfactory.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT "DO-IT-YOURSELF" CARPET CLEANING.

6.  Arrange for your utility services to be disconnected.

7.  Arrange to have all junk or debris hauled away from the property before your move date.

8.  Please call our office at (562) 920-2440 with questions regarding these guidelines.

What's The Difference Between Wear & Tear and Damage?

While not definitive, the following will give you an idea of what we look for:


Ordinary Wear & Tear


Worn Out Keys

Lost or Unreturned Keys, Remotes
Loose or Stuborn Door Lock Broken or Missing Locks
Worn Carpeting Torn, Stained, or Burned Carpeting
Carpet Seam Unglued Rust or Oil Stains on Carpet
Scuffed Wood Floors Scratched or Gouged Wood Floors
Linoleum Worn Thin Linoleum with Tears or Holes
Worn Countertop Countertops with Burnmarks, Chipped
Stain on Ceiling from Rain or Plumbing Stain on Ceiling from Overflowed Tub
Plaster Cracks from Settling Holes in Walls or Doors
Faded or Cracked Paint Unapproved (poor) Tenant Paint Job
Loose Wallpaper Ripped or Marked Up Wallpaper
Faded or Heat Blistered Blinds Torn or Missing Vertical Blinds/Headrails
Worn Screens Torn or Missing Window Screens, Bent Frames
Sticky Window Broken Window Glass or Frame
Loose Faucet Handles Broken or Missing Faucet Handles
Closet Door off Track Broken Toilet Seat or Toilet Tank Lid
  Unreported Plaster Damage
  Damaged or Missing Closet Doors
  Any Pet or Urine Odor on Premises

If You Broke It, You Are Responsible For It Being Repaired!!



Clean all blinds
Wash all windows, window sills, and screens
Dust all baseboards and electric plates
Vacuum carpet and remove any cobwebs or built up dustballs
Wipe down closet shelf, if applicable
Clean air conditioner filter, if applicable
Wash light fixture globes, wipe down all light fixtures
Replace any burnt out lightbulbs with appropriate lightbulbs


Wash countertop and remove any debris or grease on walls
Clean all appliances, inside and out. Including stovetop, drip pans, range hood, broiler pans
Clean any grease off walls, floors, or ceiling.
Wipe out all cupboards and drawers inside and out
Sweep and mop floors


Scrub the bathtub, toilet, and sink inside and out. Use bio-friendly cleaners only.
Remove any mold or mildew.
Clean medicine cabinet and shelves.
Wipe out all drawers and cabinets


Sweep out or vacuum any storage areas, garage, or patio
Remove all debris, properly dispose of any hazardous waste




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